Saturday, September 29, 2007

Inhabited talks about their new song "Hush"

Sara from Inhabited talks about their latest single hitting airwaves, "Hush"--what it means to her, and the message she hopes listeners take away from it:

Here are a few words from Sara:

Girls are constantly told that sex equals love. Every outlet of media has taken this message and morphed the standard of beauty into a cookie cutter image, pressuring girls to measure up. In order to be "loveable", we are taught to simply walk in and get a quick plastic surgery to change everything "not right" about us. This emotional marketing appeals to a girls natural desire to be wanted, and has tainted the true definition of beauty and love.

Hush was written in hopes to interrupt the noisy trends, and encourage girls to stop filling their minds with garbage! It is about spiritual warfare, and teaches them to "take every thought captive" that is contrary to truth! (II Corinthians 10:5) It rallies girls to raise the standard of purity in their minds, which will give them eyes to see truth. There is an undeniable beauty and power found in the light of the presence of God. This beauty is available to every girl, if she will simply seek to find it.

Visit Inhabited's MySpace page to hear "Hush". It's a catchy one, folks!

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