Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Warren Barfield's "Worth Fighting For" coming in May!

Essential Records recording artist, Warren Barfield, has announced the May 20, 2008 release of his third, in-studio album, Worth Fighting For. The 11-track project was produced by Charlie Peacock (Switchfoot, Nichole Nordeman); Mark A. Miller (Casting Crowns); and Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp (Bebo Norman, Rush of Fools).

Worth Fighting For marks a decided return to Barfield’s own creative instincts. Barfield shares, “There was a huge difference between the first and second records, but this one meets in the middle. My life is so much different than it was a year ago, and I’ve got something important to say, so I wanted to clothe these songs in a way that will carry the message to the people who take time out of their lives to come see my shows. That’s what we set out to do, musically.”

The songs of Worth Fighting For draw a bead on the sanctity and sacrifice of relationships—the encouragement, prayer, the listening and the commitment we make to those we love, to those we choose to ‘do life’ with. “True Christianity is about being Christ to others,” Barfield says of the theme of the record. “If we really believe in the whole thing, if we really believe He came all that distance and gave His life because He loved us, it’d change the way we love each other. That kind of love really could change the world.”

Producer Charlie Peacock comments on Barfield, and Worth Fighting For, “The most unique thing about Warren is his voice. All of the songs and the production are meant to highlight his unique gift. Warren is gracefully human as a person and an artist, with a heart bent toward Jesus.”

“Love Is Not A Fight,” the first radio single from Worth Fighting For, is gaining big and immediate response from radio. Bob Thornton, Program Director of KXOJ in Tulsa, Okla., shares, “‘Love Is Not A Fight’ is going to save some marriages, at the very least. Not too many songs actually carry power, but this one is loaded.”

“Love Is Not A Fight,” will play an integral, musical role in the upcoming film, Fireproof, the new movie from the creators of Facing the Giants. Fireproof is an action-packed love story, set to open in theaters this fall. This inspiring film will have audiences laughing, crying and sitting on the edges of their seats, as they are drawn into the world of a firefighter, his wife and a marriage worth rescuing.

Barfield describes the story behind “Love Is Not A Fight.” “My wife is my best friend, who I love dearly, and she loves me. But isn't it fascinating that two people who love each other so much can cut one another so deeply? When you let issues build up in a marriage, the smallest thing can trigger a war, and pretty soon you can lose sight of your love and commitment to one another. We had a night where something as trivial as spilled pretzels forced into the open things we had left unsaid. Once everything had calmed down, I wrote this song. In that moment, I fully realized my duty, as my wife’s husband, was to wrap my arms around her. To love her more than my pride, more than my desire to be ‘right,’ and to find a way to move through life’s good and bad times together. That will be a struggle at times, but love is worth the fight.”

Worth Fighting For comprises the following 11 tracks: “The One Thing,” “Say It With Your Life,” “God Believes In You,” “Love Is Not A Fight,” “This Road,” “Drop the World,” “The Singer Not the Song,” “As It Is In Heaven,” “Reflect You,” “I Belong To You,” “Love Is Not A Fight” (acoustic version). (track sequence subject to change).

For further information, visit www.warrenbarfield.com.

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An awesome song, and one for anyone who is struggling with relationship challenges.