Monday, January 3, 2011

Rebecca St. James Engaged to be Married!

One of Christian music’s most recognized and beloved artists is opening the New Year with an exciting announcement: Rebecca St. James is engaged to be married!

St. James will wed the man she’s been waiting for –Jacob Fink—on a date soon to be announced. The Christmas Day proposal came at Rebecca’s family farm in Franklin, Tennessee where she was presented the brilliant, solitaire diamond ring. The groom-to-be asked her parents, David and Helen, for their blessing prior to him surprising Rebecca with the engagement ring and his request for her hand in marriage.

Jacob, originally from Colorado, now resides in Southern California. He spent two years as a missionary in South Africa before attending college and graduating summa cum laude with a degree in communications and an emphasis on film production. He worked in television production prior to his current career in music. The couple met through mutual friends in Los Angeles.

Noted Rebecca in a communication to friends: “We are truly amazed at finding our dreams and ideals met in the love we’ve found. We are exceedingly grateful for this precious gift from God.”

Rebecca’s signature song, “Wait For Me,” released in 2000, inspired national attention to the ideals of purity before marriage—a self-lived message she has taken to young people worldwide from her concert stages and through her best-selling books and personal testimony.

2011 will be a milestone year for St. James, who recently signed with Provident Label Group’s Beach Street/ Reunion Records. Her new studio album I Will Praise You releases on April 5 with its first single “Shine Your Glory Down” impacting radio on Feb. 11.

Currently planning promotional and concert tour dates, and a wedding, Rebecca is also putting final touches on her ninth book, “What Is He Thinking?” (Hachette/Faithwords), which is due out in September.

Read our interview with Rebecca.

Photo credit: Ben Smallbone


Faith Imagined said...

I was wondering if she had gotten married. I love her song "Wait for Me." God is good to those who wait on Him!!!

Anonymous said...

She probably will break the engagement. Remember, she dated 8 guys, each guy for six months in the Family Christian Store article a few years ago. She is erratic and unpredictable. Please do us all a favor and marry the guy!

krissy13 said...

Be nice "Anonymous." By the way, she got happily married on April 23, 2011 in San Diego, California. No break-ups here!
Don't be so mean.

Brett said...

Anonymous: In response to your comment. I speak with an upright heart and sincerly with love. She dated 8 guys. The number 8 means a new beginning. For Rebecca, at that time, was to experience something new. Her husband now is the 9th one. From my learning, the number means the heart. Galations 5:22-23 talks about the 9 fruits of the spirit. For that is the very heart of God my friend. Yes...9 means the heart. You ask, "What does the numbers have to do with anything?" Well, for God speaks one way and then another. In otherwords, God is not limited to 'how' He speaks to people. Finally, saying all that, the number six as you stated, means man. God was showing Rebecca He was in control of the situation during that time and bringing her new beginning to experience with a man whom will love her with all his heart.

Anonymous said...

Just because she dated that many men doesn't mean she didn't fullfill God's calling and the lyrics of her music. To wait, and be pure, means a purity of heart and body. You can go out to dinner or be in a relationship with a man without giving away what is sacred and meant for your husband alone. God doesn't live in a box. Men create rules.