Thursday, May 17, 2007

Casting Crowns' "The Altar and the Door" coming August 28th

Multi-Platinum, GRAMMY-winning band Casting Crowns announces the release of its highly-anticipated third studio album, The Altar and The Door, on August 28.

The Altar and The Door is based on Mark Hall’s real-life ministry experience with real people, real life struggle, and the faith that overcomes. Not only does the project’s title appear as a track on the album, but the concept has emerged as an overall theme running throughout the record.

“At the altar, everything makes sense,” says Hall. “When we’re in the church and spending time with God, we know what we’re supposed to do and how to live. Everything is black and white. But somewhere between the altar and the door, when we leave and go out into our lives, it all leaks out. Everything gets gray again. It’s like we have these two lives, and the Christian life is the journey between the altar and door—trying to get the things you’ve got in your head, into your hands, into your feet, and into your life. This album is all about that journey of realization, the struggles we encounter and the victory of seeing it as possible.”

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