Thursday, May 3, 2007

Newboys Go remixed streeting May 8th

Following the success of newsboys: remixed in 2002, and on the heels of their latest hit record GO, comes a new remix album, Go | Remixed, in stores May 8.

“I have always loved remix CDs,” says singer Peter Furler. “They’re like one of those TV makeover shows: you give the words and melody a new jacket and shoes, the rhythm a nip n’ tuck, and send it out on the dance floor.”

Including radio hits “Wherever We Go,” and “Something Beautiful,” the songs on Go | Remixed are the imaginative work of producers Tedd T. (MuteMath, newsboys, tobymac, Rebecca St. James, Stacie Orrico, ZOEgirl), Max Hsu (Superchick, tobymac, VeggieTales, ThumpMonks), Lee Bridges (India.Are) and Jeff Frankenstein of newsboys.

The song list and corresponding producer are:

1. Wherever We Go (Lee Bridges)
2. GO (Lee Bridges)
3. Something Beautiful (Lee Bridges)
4. Your Love Is Better Than Life – St. Petersburg Mix (Max Hsu)
5. City to City (Tedd T.)
6. The Mission (Lee Bridges)
7. Secret Kingdom (Lee Bridges)
8. I am Free (Tedd T.)
9. In Wonder (Jeff Frankenstein)
10. Let It All Come Out (Lee Bridges)
11. Gonna Be Alright (Lee Bridges)

Read our review of the original GO here.

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Michael said...

Personally, I loathe and detest remix albums. Just another way to sucker the buying public into paying for much the same thing twice.

I don't mind an occasional remix on a greatest hits disc or something like that, but why not release the album once, the way you want it, and then leave it alone? Let it stand, or not, on its own merits.