Saturday, July 21, 2007

downhere offers 17 unreleased songs

Nashville, TN (July 19, 2007) ---- Award-winning rock group, downhere, will release a new album of 17 previously recorded demo songs that have never been offered on a CD before. The songs appear on the new project titled, Thunder After Lightning and will be available online at, at iTunes, and at the band’s concerts.

The site will give fans access to more of downhere’s music, as the songs were demos for their album, Wide Eyed & Mystified that was released in 2006. “We have a ton of fun in our little home studios writing, dreaming and recording ‘‘demos’’,” says downhere. “These demos are to songs, what an artist’s pencil sketch is to the final painting. In the process of writing for Wide Eyed and Mystified we submitted more demos than we could ever use for one album. While we value the quality of a full blown recording, we think that our little demos have a special value alone. As you listen, enjoy the rumblings after what we consider to be our best record to date.”

downhere is currently touring in Sweden but their fans will be excited to learn that a second leg of the Wide Eyed & Mystified Tour, that was so successful this past spring, will kick-off in September 2007. downhere has invited their labelmate, Jason Gray, back as the opening act and tour dates will be announced soon. downhere will also appear at Creation West on July 27th and at the Franklin Graham Festival in Tacoma, Washington on November 4th.

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