Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Tree63 album coming Sept. 25

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) July 22, 2007——South Africa’’s Tree63 returns to the music scene Sept. 25 with its fifth studio album, Sunday!. The project expands Tree63’’s signature sound, while urging listeners to live in the hope offered by Christ’’s resurrection.

Produced by Joe Baldridge (Family Force 5, dc talk), the record additionally features Tree63’’s original drummer Darryl Swart. The combined energy and innovation of Baldridge alongside Swart helped turn out 11 songs that rival Tree63's previous sound.

Tree63 frontman John Ellis explains, “We really feel like this album is on a different level sonically compared with our previous attempts. Joe gave us permission to re-explore our rock ’n’ roll side, to be more real. It’s fun again.”

With the crucifixion on Good Friday operating as a metaphor for the modern world’s state of despair and hopelessness, Ellis titled Sunday! to remind listeners that their hope lies in the good news of Christ’’s resurrection. The album also exhibits more freedom in its songwriting with the intention of capturing a broader audience.

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