Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Superchick song "Hero" featured in PSA

Superchick’s hit song “Hero” is currently featured in a new public service announcement (PSA) by NBC Universal. The “Green Is Universal” PSA announces the company’s more than 150 hours of environmentally themed content that will encompass all of NBC Universal’s divisions across multiple platforms from November 4-10, including NBC, MSNBC, Bravo and CNBC among others.

In addition to appearing on the NBC Universal television platforms, Universal Pictures will run the “Green Is Universal” PSA as post-roll on its online trailers during the programming week and as ads in theater lobbies.

The “Green Is Universal” PSA pairs major entertainment figures with Superchick’s song including Alec Baldwin (“30 Rock”), John Krasinski (“The Office”), Robert Redford (The Sundance Channel), Meredith Vieira (“Today”), Howie Mandel (“Deal Or No Deal”) and Tim Gunn (Bravo).

The PSA can be viewed online at www.inpop.com/video/Superchick/SuperchickGreenPSAtv.mov. The “Green Is Universal” website will be live soon at www.GreenIsUniversal.com.


emobunny95 said...

the song hero is awesome superchick keep it up

Anonymous said...

hero is amazing!! You are HEROES!